Viennese coffee house

Viennese coffee house

The Viennese coffee house there's been around longer than we all are in this world. It has survived wars and survived crises. It of like a rock solid for its visitors and is also always there for all of us. We laugh in the Viennese coffee house and we cry as well in it. It does not condemn us if we even made a nonsense and it gives us just when we need it. All ages, walks of life and all types of us meet each other. You must we see a large biotope by everything is possible and everything lives possible with each other.


For the Viennese coffee house is her proud. Everyone has ever seen one from the inside. Many had their first hot chocolate there. And secretly, everyone has his own favorite coffee with you then yourself identified himself. For us Wiener that is quite natural, but for everyone else just not at all. But what makes the Viennese coffee house? We have made ourselves a few thoughts about…

Events in the Viennese coffee house

Culture plays an important role in modern times. The Viennese coffee house offers abundant culture

  • Buchpresentationen
  • Public discussions
  • Vernissages
  • Union meetings
  • And much more

Pleasant ambience – living room of Vienna

If you have seen other parts of the world you know you to go in a local, ordered something and is back out there as soon as possible. Not so in the Viennese coffee house. You will by the waiter, who already knows one is located, ordered something to be and relax. Whether one reads a newspaper or spending time with his friends. In the Cafe you can relax and take time from the stressful everyday life. The establishment of persuading to stay seated and the atmosphere is relaxing.

Meeting place for all

Whether the successful lawyer, or the poor college student – the Viennese coffee house offers a place everyone. It is a place for all, in short!

Our taste

The Viennese love their desserts and their classic dishes. You can find this on the menu. Ranging from a lush stake to a classic Wiener schnitzel, there's something for every taste.


In contrast to other local concepts, is respected in the Viennese coffee house, particularly on the personal approach.


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Alcohol health

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